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With over 30 years’ combined experience, we have developed, tested, failed, reformulated, and eventually succeeded in designing the best practices to implement in any practice to maximize efficiency. While your current operations may be turning a profit, we are able to implement procedures that will make them soar. By targeting specific areas of your practice, we make sure to build a strong foundation so that your team, your schedule, and your patients are all coordinating fluently.

Compliance. Some of the most common actions that people make are actually not in compliance with industry regulations. These guidelines set in place by governing organizations are very specific, strict, and in a state of flux that make compliance not only mandatory, but complicated. We observe the most recent regulations and ensure that our clients are following these rules. Especially when it comes to matters concerning privacy and advertising, it is crucial that regulations are being followed.

Freedom. At the end of the day, you want to be able to go home and relax. Being consumed by operational duties around the clock is a burden that we can relieve. By letting us take inventory, human resources, scheduling, training, and everything else involved with the business side of a practice off your hands, you can get back to what you do best—practicing dentistry.


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Excell PM offers a full suite of enterprise-class solutions to your dental practice. From accounting, to purchasing, to arming your practice with the most powerful technology, and of course all of the management in between, we can provide it all. How do we accomplish all of this? Top-tier partnerships. We understand the importance of focusing on one’s area of expertise and we are no exception to that rule. Our partnerships with industry experts allow us to provide our clients with premium services from people who focus in those various fields.

Accounting: We are partnered with one of Canada’s largest associations of Chartered Accounting firms. The accountants and advisors have extensive experience serving the dental sector and understand the challenges and opportunities that dental professionals face. Our comprehensive and customized approached to working with the sector includes advice in an array of business critical areas including the development of tax minimization strategies, profit enhancement, and estate and succession planning.

Information Technology: Technology has allowed mankind to do things better, faster, and cheaper. The dental industry is no exception, and our dedicated team of IT specialists ensures that every practice is outfitted with the most powerful tools. Due to the confidential nature of the information stored on the systems in a practice, we provide the most robust antivirus and anti-malware solutions to keep your information and your patients’ information backed up and secure. We also harness the power and flexibility of the cloud to deliver you access to remote applications so that you can get your work done without extensive physical requirements.

Purchasing: Every practice needs equipment, sundries, and software. Our relationship with our preferred supplier enables us to negotiate on your behalf when it comes to purchasing anything from non-latex gloves to digital x-ray machines. Increasing profit starts with reducing expenses, and Excell PM can help you with that from day one. We also coordinate with software providers to relieve you of the burdens of training and maintenance.


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We’re here to make your life easier. No matter what your needs are, we will adopt the administrative duties of your practice and employ our expertise to make its operations excel. Starting with a practice assessment, we will set realistic, ambitious goals together. With continuous monitoring and quarterly analysis, we ensure the effectiveness of our systems.

Before we can improve your practice we need to understand it. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation tool to take a snapshot of every area of your practice. This includes but is not limited to: production, profitability, accounts receivable, and adherence to governing board guidelines.

Employing our innovative software applications in the practice has proven to greatly increase overall performance. Billing, payment processing, insurance claims, scheduling, automated reminder, and patient information, and patient education are all made easy with our tools. Making sure your patients understand the importance of a proposed procedure and are educated on what the procedure entails is the key to getting your patients to say yes to a case. With our education programs, you can quickly and efficiently inform your patients about the procedures they need to maintain their oral health.

Continuous On-site Training

Excell PM’s customized training modules are designed to focus on specific, targeted areas of your practice. To make an immediate impact, one of our coaches will make an on-site visit to your practice to analyze your practice, identify issues, and train and mentor your staff to help your practice operate to its fullest potential.

RecentlyClients say

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    Richard Ohayon, D.D.S.

    Kelley and her team at Excell Practice Management have implemented systems within my practice that help us function efficiently to provide our patients with the highest quality of care, from their initial phone call, to treatment completions and maintenance. With a thorough knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of my practice, Kelley tailored these systems specifically to my practice needs. Kelley worked with my team and brought my practice to a level of success I never thought I could achieve. I have increased production and net collections substantially in a short period of time and Kelley has shown me that success is very attainable. I would highly recommend Kelley and Excell Practice Management to anyone!

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    I am a dentist, not an HR specialist. While we used to get by, I can now say that everything is great! Thanks to Excell, my team is happier, our patients are happier, and I am happier. We don't have to be slowed down by payroll, or trying to find time for training; now we have extra hours to spend on higher-level functions and even opening another practice!

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    The weekly snapshot reports revealed gaping holes in my practice that had gone undetected for years. After identifying these weaknesses, I was able take corrective action. It was incredibly easy to fix these problems and yet incredibly difficult to diagnose the problem before we had preset metrics to monitor.

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    Over the past two decades, I’ve grown from an associate, to an owner, and now I’ve purchased multiple locations. I’m a busy body, but it would be impossible for me to manage all of my practices by myself. Excell PM has enabled me to focus on practicing dentistry and extending my brand to new locations without all of the stress.

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