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President, Reg.N.

After graduating in 1993 as a Registered Nurse, Kelley immediately started working on the administrative side of healthcare operations as a Director of Resident Care for a large Retirement Conglomerate. Over the past 20 years she has held positions as Director of Knowledge Management, Director of Operations for the largest dental company in Canada, VP Operations and Senior Health Business Consultant at several sizeable health, veterinarian and dental corporations.

Kelley specializes in creating order out of chaos, leadership development and performance, as well as implementation of innovative business processes and transformation.

Kelley is the founder and President of Excell Practice Management Inc. Throughout her years of experience she has created and streamlined various business processes while consistently ensuring team priorities are aligned with organizational/stakeholders objectives.

Kelley has a vast amount of experience directing the largest dental companies in Ontario, managing multiple business segments with full P&L responsibility of over 30 million. During her tenure she created departmental plans to increase efficiencies to reduce overall operational expenditures while increasing overall throughput.

With her years of experience in various business segments and expertise in dentistry business management, Kelley has shaped our new management systems to ensure resource leverage and maximization of ROI leading to significant acceleration in financial success for our clients.

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development with a focus on leveraging technology for Excell PM, Wayne Francis is 1 part executive, 1 part entrepreneur, 2 parts geek and 4 parts lover of life.

As a member of the Excell PM Executive Team, he is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction of Excell PM.

Wayne is a seasoned executive with more than 17 years of technology and business experience. Prior to joining the Excell Group, he wore a number of different technology, operations, client satisfaction, service delivery and trusted advisor roles which has provided him with in-depth knowledge and know how to handle any challenge.

Wayne is active in a number of business and community organizations in Canada, and is a trusted advisor to many organizations in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe area.
When not engaged in helping customers overcome challenges by using innovative solutions, Wayne can usually be found in the islands enjoying the simple things life has to offer...like coconuts and rum.

RecentlyClients say

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    Richard Ohayon, D.D.S.

    Kelley and her team at Excell Practice Management have implemented systems within my practice that help us function efficiently to provide our patients with the highest quality of care, from their initial phone call, to treatment completions and maintenance. With a thorough knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of my practice, Kelley tailored these systems specifically to my practice needs. Kelley worked with my team and brought my practice to a level of success I never thought I could achieve. I have increased production and net collections substantially in a short period of time and Kelley has shown me that success is very attainable. I would highly recommend Kelley and Excell Practice Management to anyone!

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    I am a dentist, not an HR specialist. While we used to get by, I can now say that everything is great! Thanks to Excell, my team is happier, our patients are happier, and I am happier. We don't have to be slowed down by payroll, or trying to find time for training; now we have extra hours to spend on higher-level functions and even opening another practice!

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    The weekly snapshot reports revealed gaping holes in my practice that had gone undetected for years. After identifying these weaknesses, I was able take corrective action. It was incredibly easy to fix these problems and yet incredibly difficult to diagnose the problem before we had preset metrics to monitor.

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    Over the past two decades, I’ve grown from an associate, to an owner, and now I’ve purchased multiple locations. I’m a busy body, but it would be impossible for me to manage all of my practices by myself. Excell PM has enabled me to focus on practicing dentistry and extending my brand to new locations without all of the stress.

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