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Key Indicators & Financial Reporting

In order to improve your practice, you need to know which areas are struggling. By monitoring key metrics with forms from our toolkit, you can pinpoint exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are and take remedial action.

Everything in the practice is connected. The schedule gets patients in the room. While in the room, you assess their treatment needs. Before they leave the room, you schedule the next appointment. There are dozens of other little steps that can have a huge impact on the end result. Forgetting to complete or improperly executing one of those steps can start a domino effect that leads to a downward spiral of that patient’s experience, and a downward spiral of your profitability.

Our in-depth scorecard system allows us to collectively set goals, track progress, and reward success for individual team members and for entire groups.

A weekly snapshot report reveals information for each functional unit within the practice, thereby identifying lagging operations.

"The weekly snapshot reports revealed gaping holes in my practice that had gone undetected for years. After identifying these weaknesses, I was able take corrective action. It was incredibly easy to fix these problems and yet incredibly difficult to diagnose the problem before we had preset metrics to monitor."

Recording statistics and drawing meaningful conclusions from the data is a process that is performed in tandem with the office staff and Excell’s practice management experts. We provide a very detailed standardized form to record performance results from every area of the practice. From statistics on production, to scheduling, patient exit procedures, and everything else, these metrics are recorded and sent to your practice’s dedicated advisor. With this information in our hands, we will generate monthly P&L statements, and declare our other findings to tweak your operations as we close in on perfection.

At the beginning of every quarter, we will assess the progress of current goals, set new ones, and modify our action plan for your practice to achieve top performance.