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Human Resources Support

Human resources management is one of the most complex aspects of any business. It has the largest impact on your success out of any of the functional areas of your organization because it directly impacts your team. This encompasses compensation, benefits, work environment, training, goals, and everything else will affect employee morale, their productivity, and the way they interact with your customers.

By outsourcing your HRM to Excell, you gain access to a wealth of expertise from a team of human resources professionals. Working very closely with your team, we can identify personality types and ensure that the right person is in the right position. Personality types and job responsibilities need to be compatible in order to have an effective team, so we can restructure your team to make sure that the every team member is in a position that best suits their natural predisposition.

"I am a dentist, not an HR specialist. While we used to get by, I can now say that everything is great! Thanks to Excell, my team is happier, our patients are happier, and I am happier. We don’t have to be slowed down by payroll, or trying to find time for training; now we have extra hours to spend on higher-level functions and even opening another practice!"

The day-to-day HRM duties and responsibilities will also be transferred to us. That means that staff augmentation, downsizing, promotions, demotions, compensation and benefits, rewards and bonuses, payroll, and training on policies and procedures will all be a load off your back and in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety and Human Rights legislation.

While constantly striving for improvement, we set both personal and team goals. These realistic, ambitious, specific, and measurable goals are used to guide your performance every day. By fine-tuning your performance, the performance of the entire practice will rise to meet or exceed the quarterly goals. Every quarter, we review the progress toward each goal and make revisions as needed.

Since we make frequent visits to your practice, we can keep a close eye on your team's accomplishments and reward them accordingly. Your team is our team and our team is yours. Together, we make the human aspect of your practice a lot more satisfying for everyone--especially your patients.