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Information Technology

Technical Support

Through our sister company, Excell IT Inc., we provide you the services of a dedicated IT department. We are able to remotely manage all of your workstations and servers, host your secure email, design and maintain your website, colocate your server, and provide 24/7 technical support for your practice’s entire IT infrastructure. Essentially what all of this boils down to is using the most cutting-edge technology and having it maintained by IT experts who are able to fix your problems as soon as they happen.

Digital Dentistry

The first evidence of dentistry being practiced dates as far back as 7000 BCE. Today, we have access to tools and technology that enable us to perform the most sophisticated procedures possible. We outfit our clients’ practices with the most powerful tools to help them take their productivity to the max.

Client Access Portal

The Excell Client Access Portal is an online tool that connects us to you. Within this SharePoint site, you will have access to all of documents that help you succeed. Daily forms, policies and procedures, your team calendar, and your goals and metrics are all available for you to view, download, and modify 24 hours a day.

Email Security

One very common mistake that practices make is using an unsecured email service. The RCDSO requires that all dental practices use secure email services due to the confidential nature of the content that gets transferred, such as patients’ medical information. We provide secure and backed-up Exchange email service--the global standard for corporate email communications.

Remote Access

When it’s late at night and you want to check on the status of your accounts receivable, you no longer need to go back to your office. With Remote Access capability, you will be able to manage your practice whether you’re at home on the weekend, or at the beach while on vacation.