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At Excell Practice Management, we have secured agreements with preferred suppliers to be able to leverage our size to provide discounted prices on supplies and equipment for your practice. From sundries to fixtures, our clients have access to sizable discounts on all of the supplies they will need from our industry-leading supplier.

"Over the past two decades, I've grown from an associate, to an owner, and now I've purchased multiple locations. I’m a busy body, but it would be impossible for me to manage all of my practices by myself. Excell PM has enabled me to focus on practicing dentistry and extending my brand to new locations without all of the stress."

Practice Acquisition

In the Metro Toronto district there are 321 dentists over the age of 65. We don’t just want to see your practice grow; we want to help you acquire more locations and more wealth. Expanding your brand to multiple locations is a daunting endeavor that involves many factors ranging from getting appraisals, finding the right location, obtaining financing, outfitting the practice with equipment, hiring a great team, and building a new client base. Trying to do all of this alone would be an extremely stressful task. After all, this entire process is business. That is our specialty, dentistry is yours.

Do you already own multiple practices? Financial institutions will often finance a dentist’s additional practices up to three locations. At that point, they become reluctant to loan more to a dentist unless there is a dedicated practice management system in place. That’s where we come in. To prevent you from getting spread too thin and failing, we can take care of the management of your practice, thereby allowing you to obtain financing and focus on expanding your brand and practicing dentistry.