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In 2012 there were 9,005 members of the RCDSO. What makes you stand out? Marketing and advertising is far more complex in the dental industry than in common business. The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario sets and enforces the rules and regulations surrounding the marketing and advertising practices in the dental industry. For example, there are certain words that are prohibited from being used in promotional campaigns, and even certain media are not in compliance with RCDSO protocols.

With a thorough knowledge of these restrictions, we have effective marketing plans that can be used to increase awareness of your practice and grow your client base. We stay in the know with new changes of the rules and regulations and optimize our campaigns to get patients coming to your door instead of the dentist down the street.

Using both traditional and new, online marketing techniques, we provide creative advice and customize and develop marketing materials and initiatives that are unique to your practice’s needs. We set specific goals, such as enhancing patient retention, new patient activation, and promoting cosmetic dentistry procedures. Above all, our marketing techniques produce results!