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Which best describes you?

What type of practice do you own?

How many years have you been practicing?

Do you think about the clinic when you are at home?

What percentage of the day are you spending on administrative tasks versus clinical duties?

Do you pay yourself a regular salary or draw?

Do you have multiple locations?

Are you thinking about expanding?

When is the best time to contact you? (Ctrl + Click to select multiple days or times)

How many team members do you have?

Do you have a practice manager?

How many veterinarians work in the practice?

How many hours per week are your veterinarians available?

How many technicians work in the clinic?

How many hours per week are your technicians available?

Do you have any specialists in the office?

If yes, what type of specialists are they? (Ctrl + Click to select multiple specialists)

If yes, what is their frequency in the clinic?

Do employees understand how their position affects others in the practice?

Do you think trying to define and measure the results produced by each employee would be helpful?

Do you often find yourself solving problems that other managers/employees should handle?

How many rooms are dedicated to the veterinarians?

How many exam rooms do you dedicate to other services?

How long are your general health exams?

Do you have an in-house laboratory?

Do you double book the schedule?

What services do you offer?

Do you sell product? (Food, Oral Care products, cleaning products, etc.)

If you had different equipment, could you produce a better product/service for your patients?

What is the total monthly average production for the clinic?

What percentage of your revenue comes from specialists?

Who prepares your financial information?

Who manages your payroll?

Are you kept waiting for up to date figures on accounts receivable?

Do clients sometimes complain about errors in their accounts?

Are you experiencing cash flow problems?

Approximately how many active patients does the clinic have? (Active patient equates to at least one visit in the last 24 months)

How many new patients does your practice gain each month?

What is your average monthly client attrition?

Do you get new business from referrals from existing clients?

Does 80% or more of your business come from 20% of your client base?

Treatments are given on time so clients aren't kept waiting

Do you use client complaints as a means to improve the practice?

Is your practice paperless?

Are your exam rooms computerized?

Do you have a server on-site at the practice?

What scheduling software do you use?

Do you use software to automate reporting?

Do you use software/email to communicate with your patients? (e.g. appointment reminders, upcoming promotions, etc.)

Do you use videos, clinical imaging, or diagnostic software to enhance case acceptance?

Do you have a website?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1=lowest, 10=highest), how would you rate the following?

Area Rating
Overall Clinic :
Performance of your team :
Practice patient growth:
Production / Collections:
Your facility and equipment:

Please check the 3 biggest challenges that impact your practice.

In your ideal clinic, what 3 things would be different?

What are your expectations for your practice by partnering with an outside expert?

What else would you like us to know about your practice in preparation for our meeting?